Monday, March 7, 2011

night of 2011-03-05 and 06

Mom got back from a long day of hard work.  She was lying down on the couch and asked if she could use a certain app on my phone.  I said sure, and handed her my phone like no big deal, knowing she wouldn't be able to get in without the code.  I turned around and kept doing what I was doing.  I turned around after a while wondering why she didn't say anything.  I saw that she just set the phone down.  I felt kind of bad then for messing with my tired ol' mum, but it clearly wasn't a big deal.  Then she asked if I could get her a glass of water, and I walked up this steep grade that led into our kitchen and had Dad who was working in the kitchen like a king chef get me and Mum a glass of water.

I got back a grammar test (we don't have grammar tests in real life) and I had made a few stupid mistakes and got a lower grade than I wanted.  I was discussing the test with my teacher assistant (TA) Nate Rockwood while we were in a big group of people that was supposed to be paying attention to something else, such as a movie.  The conversation started out with me being just a little upset at my TA for grading too harshly.  It quickly turned into me being very loud and disrespectful.  I don't remember what I said, but it was something totally inappropriate.  Since we were (perhaps) watching a movie, he couldn't say anything back - he had to be silent.  A few seconds went by, and I suddenly regretted how I treated him.  I turned to him and whispered, "I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry."  He gave me an affirmative response indicating that my apology had been accepted.  I was sure that it helped that I apologized so quickly.  Then I felt so relieved, and glad that problem of being on bad terms with my TA off my chest.

Connection to real life:  All T.A.s including my humanities TA grade my assignments harshly.  The low grade on the grammar test was probably because of the frustration that lingers in the back of my head for all the stupid mistakes I've made on tests and homework assignments.  Just yesterday I was telling myself that I had to cut back on mindless mistakes and pay full attention to everything that I do, and to make a big deal out of the littler things.  Recently I've been telling myself things like "...that's a 2 billion dollar mistake you just made there Alexander.  You just sent a spaceship off to Pluto" whenever I make a simple mistake such as an arithmetic error.  I do, however, know not too frustrated at grades.  Grades are just grades - they are imperfect scales of how well you've learned the material.  Grades don't affect how much I know.  TA's can't cheat me out of learning by giving me a bad grade.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

night of 2011-03-04

I was in a beautiful modern building and there was a large circular desk in front of me.  I saw that UCSD dean of  academic advising behind it - Mirasol EspaƱola.  She looked beautiful and authoritative, as always.  She was in charge of whatever there was to be in charge of.  To get to my destination I had to go around the desk and pass this sensor that would make sure I was a UCSD student, and then I could ascend the spiral staircase.  I had to think for a second how the sensor knew I was a UCSD student, and then I remembered that I had a plate implanted in my back that UCSD put there, presumably when I was born.  I felt special to be a UCSD student then (just like I did in real life when I went to blow my nose in the gym bathroom and saw a sign that said these facilities are reserved for UCSD students and gym cardholders).

Upstairs I walked past a bunch of grayish/light brown chairs.  They were plastic but thick and permanent.  There were lights built into the arms of the chairs.  When it was real life, the lights were green.  When I was in a dream, the lights were yellow.  The lights were flashing yellow, and I knew I was in a dream.  (Usually when I realize I'm dreaming, I wake up; but I didn't this time.)  I knew I must have been in a deep sleep since I wasn't going to wake up.
I was with my mom and my dad and perhaps Little Miss Grandma Betsy.  We were walking through the double doors to get into Vons.  Everyone had their Vons card except me.  The doors beeped as they went through, and I thought I might get a siren when I went through without my card but to my surprise nothing happened.  I was tolerating being at Vons, but then I saw an employee with a big shallow plastic rectangular tub full of buzzy things.  These buzzy things are what they use at restaurants to let people know that their table is ready, like at BJ's Restaurant. They must have been upgrading their system, because they guy was giving them out for free.  He gave one to a little 3 or 4 year old girl.  I wanted all of them, and I made this clear to him.  He said they weren't actually free but 8 cents each.  He also explained that they don't really work when I asked if there was a way for me to remotely set them off.  I realized I didn't actually want all of them, so I got a quarter out of my pocket and got 2 of them.
I was at Jonathan Huang's house.  (He's a genius, and he's also a super star tennis player, but I haven't seen or talked to him in years.  No explaining how he came into my dream.  Also, in this dream, Curtis Waki's older brother is now Jonathan's brother.  Haven't talked to Curtis in a few years either.)  The one thing I remember Jonathan saying was that I changed a lot since I last saw him.  I was happy to hear him say it.  Then Jonathan's brother said something that cut our conversation a little short, and then I was feeling my new genuine self when I was talking to him.  Then perhaps we were playing video games, and a day might have passed, but regardless it was night then.  He had a dark skinned friend over that was playing games with him. He left to go to his house and I followed him and realized he was playing a different gaming system than I wanted to play on.  Then I was at Jonathan's house again, perhaps on another day, perhaps not.  There were at most 2 days.  I met Jonathan's dad briefly.  (His dad reminded me of Shimmy Do's dad from real life.)  The dad had done the laundry that I left there on the previous visit, and I was grateful.  I had to leave and had a lot to carry with just my hands.

The adventure back was as simple as getting down Arroyo.  All along the northern end of Arroyo there were bus stops.  There was the 101 and the 201, and there was a generic UCSD shuttle, which was the one I wanted to get on.  (Yes, UCSD shuttle at my house in Tustin.)  I hopped on and got to my house.  I went in the back yard where my parents were hanging out.  They were both very happy, and my dad told me that we were getting a Jacuzzi put in.  I asked why, since we already had one.  He said it was free.  I looked at the pool and there was a larger jacuzzi being put in on the southeast corner of the pool.

Sometimes people don't think very clearly.  They want to put their backpack away so they pick it up and walk into the garage.  But wait--you meant to go to your room and look where you are now.  You're in the garage.  How dumb?  Well, I did something similar.  I took the bus all the way back to the top of Arroyo.  I called my dad, or he called me.  I explained that I was back at Arroyo and that I could get a ride back on the bus again.  It wouldn't be too hard.  I knew he could come get me, but I didn't want to bug him.  After we hung up, I could somehow see him talking to me on his cell phone, walked around the north end of the pool, and he indeed did look busy.
I sent a Facebook message that said something like we should hang out and discuss this at Roger's place over shakes.  The response was we should discuss it over beer.

Friday, March 4, 2011

night of 2011-03-03

I was walking my small yappy white dog(s) around a cultisack.  In the front yards of the homes there were burly trees whose sparkling lime green leaves hung down far.  Two identical small yappy white dogs came up to attack my dog(s).  I somehow got the other dogs to leave mine alone, perhaps by kicking them. I had a couple biscuits and I gave one to my dog.  I wanted to give a biscuit to the other dogs but it just wouldn't be fair to reward them for attacking my dog.

I was playing Minecraft before I went to sleep.  Minecraft may have inspired this dream of small identical animals, some of which needed to be attacked.
I was driving on the freeway with an elder in the passenger seat.  A cop was following me with his lights on, so I turned left off the freeway onto a residential street and parked on the left hand side of the road.  The cop was gone.  I thought that he must have had another emergency he needed to attend to.  I was lucky.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

night of 2011-03-01

I was in Dr. Rosenbaum's office doing eye tests in a dark examination room.  He asked me what numbers I saw, and I told him the ones I saw through the left eye and the ones I saw through the right eye.  He was fascinated that I could choose which eye to look through.  I could do something he hadn't seen in his entire career.
Real life: eye doctors are always testing to see which eye is dominant, and I tell them that I can choose which one I want to look through - I can choose the outcome of their test - but they never care.  (random.)
I was shopping with Grandpa for a new remote control accessory for my house.  I wanted this device that would make our remote controls secure, so that not just anyone could bring a remote control into our house and start controlling our stuff.  To put this in terms that Grandpa would understand, I explained to him that I would be vulnerable if everyone in the world had a remote that they could control me with, and that I only wanted one person - my mom, for example - to be able to control me.  This he understood perfectly.  So I showed him the box of the devise that I wanted to buy.  I read the features off the box for him.  At this point in the dream I don't know who we were buying this thing for.  But Grandpa said he would like this for his home.  I advised against it, since it wasn't something he would need, or it was something he already had.  But he said all those fun things [the features that I read off] can't hurt and are always fun to play around with.  I felt sad because I knew that he didn't know what any of those things meant, and that it would just be a waste of money.   He wanted it though, and I couldn't say no.
Oh, how this does NOT accurately represent how things are or how I feel in real life.
I was ditching Foothill and spending the day at the beach with Mom and some undefined people.  I don't know if the O'Dells were at the beach with us, working for the school, or both.  But Mom caught me using my phone and she told me that I needed to turn it off, because Foothill tracked our phones.  If they saw what I was using my phone for, they would somehow know that I was ditching school for an illegitimate reason.  I turned it off.  More things happened - I don't remember what.  I just remember having strange feelings about my phone.  Wait - I do remember one thing.  We were expecting a call back from the school that would mean that I was cleared for my absence.  My mom and I figured that since Derek O'Dell was working in the office, and since he was our friend, he might not have bothered to call us back since it was just implied he would clear me.  We couldn't be sure, though.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Night of 2011-02-28

The setting was Revelle college. I remember no events in this dream, but only a few details and how I felt. Something new and strange was suddenly true. It was something that defied the laws of the universe. Something such as 'anything is possible' was the case, and it was affecting my everyday life. It's tempting to think that this would be a good thing but it was far from anything good. Life was unpredictable and thus miserable. One feeling I remember having was one of annoyance. It was what one might feel if some smartass that you knew was dumber than you and who annoyed you caught you making a simple mistake and then got in your face for making it. I wasn't used to the new system of the universe, and when I made a mistake because of it, someone had to explain it to me, and it annoyed me dearly. When I woke up I was still annoyed and when I recalled this dream I rejoiced in my heart and let out a noble sigh of relief.
I, my dad, his friend Ron and my high school cross country coach Coach Cushing-Murray were at my house, just hanging out, perhaps jacuzzying. The first image I remember is of my dad and his friends (in the dream Coach Cush was my dad's friend just like Ron) walking up to our next door neighbor's house. They were gone for a while, and I knew they were there to discuss something secret that Coach wanted to share with them. Later, I heard my dad and Ron returning to my house and as they were walking up to the door. I heard my dad say that he thought he would actually be able to do a pretty good job of keeping it a secret.  When he walked in the front door I asked "but you can tell me what the secret is, right?" He apologetically said no.  It was the strangest feeling!  My dad has a secret and he won't tell me what it is.  I felt very strange indeed.  Later, when I was in my parents' room, I somehow learned what the secret was.  I have a feeling Jacqueline was there, so maybe she told me. The three of them were conspiring to make an iPhone app that tuned guitars.  Obviously I couldn't care less at that point, even if it would make them rich.  I said that I didn't have a guitar anyway.

Monday, February 28, 2011

night of 2011-02-27 (from 20:00 to 23:30pm)

The format of this dream was a play.  The subject of the play was war.  The war was conducted by each character taking turns writing down steps of a mathematical proof as lines in the play.  Each character was on a team fighting the other team.  I and others were characters, and we were on one team, and Anne and Kiyo were characters on another team.  It was quite a suspenseful play, and my active role really kept me on my toes.  Sadly, I don't remember much of the war's mechanics.  I do remember that there was a certain strategy that people were using, and that some people were fighting for peace.  Also, I don't think it was clear what the intent of each line was (to make peace or to continue the war?) but there was an explicit thing that had to be done to win peace, e.g. completing the proof, and perhaps you could win the war by showing the proof's claim is false (both were possible).  I don't remember if I was fighting for peace or war, but I made a pretty cool mathematical discovery and used it to my team's advantage.  I was excited to use it, for it was a chance for me to show off my skills in math.

What inspired this dream?  I've been reading plays lately.  The last one I read was of the Greek Dicaeopolis, who fought (verbally) against his own people to get peace for himself in a war against Sparta.  The last thing I did before I went to sleep was write a few proofs by induction on my computer science homework, and I was proud of myself for how well I was doing on the homework.  Can't explain why Anne and Kiyo were my enemies (or was I making peace with them?) other than saying they're not in my suite.

Friday, February 25, 2011

night of 2011-02-24 + nap on 25th

I was in the yellow room of my house and this other couple just a little older than my parents were there and were our guests.  The first picture I remember is of the grisly man with short hairy legs holding a big wide kitchen knife standing in front of the barstools, looking around like a dumb monster.  It was clearly a threat.  I was surprised and frightened, and I ran.  I plotted to kill the man and his wife.

I was at the cabin that my family stayed at in Utah - our new, better house.  If they weren't dead, they'd still be after us, but I was pretty sure that they were dead.  ...It was a feud between two families.

Nap on the 25th:

I was alone in a room where all my suitemates computers were.  All the monitors were off, but the computers were on.  As a white-hat hacker it was my duty to test the security of my friends.  I shook the mouse for Vincent's computer to see what was on his screen.  Nothing that interested me - perhaps a game or it was just the desktop.  Then I went over to David Fitz's computer.  I must have hit the wrong key on the keyboard to wake it up or accidentally hit a switch, because the keyboard went into the desk - a desk made for computers and has a rolling thingymagig for keyboards.  I thought that was one fancy keyboard.  Then, I heard safety alarms while two drawers on either side of the desk closed slowly.  Now I was a little nervous.  His whole desk was closing up on me.  The desk did some more fancy and noisy automated tasks and then I heard an alarm behind me.  Now somehow his actual computer was across the room.  I went over to it and heard alarms that I guessed indicated that the power would be shut off.  I didn't want the power to be shut off before his computer turned off, so I clicked Start and was going to click Shut Down.  (If it interests you, this screen was small and black and white.)  But before I could hit Shut Down, the computer started shutting down anyway.  I guess the computer knew it was supposed to turn off, which comforted me because I knew the system was complex enough not to shut off the power before the computer turned off.  This really got my heart rate up I'm sure but I knew David wouldn't be mad and that nothing bad could've happened.  Those stupid alarms were just being over-dramatic.
I looked at my watch and it was something O'Clock and 11 minutes.  I was 11 minutes late to eat with my friends because I had been doing something computer-related (perhaps what I was doing in the last dream) and was too in to it to stop doing what I was doing.  I felt bad, but just then my phone rang - Kiyo was calling me.  He said something in this cool voice that basically asked if I was in the same position he was in - he hadn't left either.  But he proposed that we both leave immediately so that we would get there at the same time.

Then I was with him and Oracle.  We were looking for a place to sit, but there were children running around. We were in a strange place that was supposed to be Price Center.
I was on a run in the rain with Strides.  It was dark and things looked gray, but I could see.  We were running along a freeway.  The freeway split up and we took this dirt path that went up to a bridge.  Then something happened involving me and the team when Matt and Henry stopped for a second and turned around to ask me something:  I confirmed that we could go a certain way, or someone asked me if I was alright.